OrganTutor Organ 101 is an online educational resource for classical and traditional sacred organ instruction. It is a course in basic organ playing for those with previous piano training, created by Dr. Don Cook of Brigham Young University.

For free access to Introduction to the Organ Console, one of OrganTutor's 61 lessons, click the three menu bars in the upper right corner (mobile) or the Organ Registration menu item to the left (desktop). Registered users: click any menu item above to find a lesson.

This OrganTutor website is designed to work hand in hand with the OrganTutor Workbook, which can be purchased and downloaded as a PDF file here.

As an on-call "teaching assistant," OrganTutor provides the kind of assistance for which online instruction is well suited, replacing lecture and demonstration. Like a multimedia textbook, it teaches the basics of organ registration, hymn playing, and other general concepts; and it demonstrates and describes manual and pedal techniques. This allows live instructors to do what they do best: hear and see the student play, then provide the kind of feedback and direction that only a human can offer.

High-Quality Video

OrganTutor features nearly 150 videos that demonstrate manual, pedal, and hymn playing techniques, as well as organ registration procedures. The student learns the technique by imitating a video as they play the exercise or passage from the OrganTutor Workbook.

Thumb Glissando Example

High-Resolution Images

OrganTutor features high-resolution images alongside high-quality video to enhance the learning experience.

Images clearly show everything from various parts of the organ console and specific stops to the inner workings of different organs.

Interactive Reviews and Lesson Tests

To help solidify learning, OrganTutor Online features self-diagnostic Quick Reviews at the end of each topic, and Lesson Tests at the end of each lesson. Each of the hundreds of questions provides clear, answer-specific feedback to help students increase their understanding. The Lesson Tests also offer links back to topics that need review.

Free Demo and Purchasing Options

The complete "Introduction to the Organ Console" lesson is freely available as a demo without logging in to the site. This is the first of ten lessons in the Organ Registration unit.

Those with subscriptions can view all 6 units (General Concepts, Manual Technique, Pedal Technique, Organ Registration, Hymn Playing, and Projects), containing 62 individual lessons.